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Privly is a developing set of browser extensions for protecting content wherever it is posted on the internet. This extension allows users to view content on any website, without the host site being able to read the content. For more information on what Privly is, read about us.

Development Status

Pre-alpha Version

About this Extension

This extension currently supports:

  • Locally served posting and injectable applications.
  • All the implemented Injectable Applications of the content server.

Installing/Testing/Submitting Bugs

The installation instructions are found at Safari Extension Development Installation.

Extension integration test cases are found at If you have discovered a bug, only open a public issue on GitHub if it could not possibly be a security related bug. If the bug affects the security of the system, please report it privately by writing an email to We will then fix the bug and follow a process of responsible disclosure.

There are also unit and Selenium tests, which are found in the privly-application git submodule.

Developer Documentation

Discussion of system concepts and high level processes are found in the central wiki. If you want to develop an injectable application, look in the privly-applications folder.


Community [the ‘at’ sign]
PO Box 79
Corvallis, OR 97339
Contact the Nick “smcgregor” on #privly
Contact the Nick “sambuddhabasu1” on #privly
If you open a bug on this repository, you’ll get someone’s attention